Decorative lamp manufacturer

Decorative lamp manufacturer

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Working with Architects, Distributors and Developers, for nearly 30 years we have been providing unique decorative lamps and lighting elements that adorn the most sophisticated interiors of Users from all over the world.

Family-owned lighting manufactory from Poland

Established in 1997, the ARGON lamp manufactory near Częstochowa is a supplier of decorative lighting. By this term we mean both stately chandeliers, practical wall sconces, elegant table lamps, as well as ceiling plafonds for passageways, spotlights used in home garages or a system of busbars.

What do we do?

We supply a wide range of decorative lamps for retail customers, wholesale customers, manufacture OEM lamps, work with Architects and investment customers. ARGON is a selection of more than 1,000 lamps in various styles, made of solid materials such as glass, metal, wood. These are timeless products, both in terms of design and quality of workmanship. We also make modifications to the customer’s liking, even for a single piece of lamp. We are also open to the realization of individual projects. Trust a company that has been passionately creating lamps for customers all over Europe for nearly 30 years.

Family-owned lighting manufactory from Poland

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Fast action! We are not a corporation, you will receive a quote from us up to 2-3 business days

Standard catalog of lamps is not all, we are open to modifications and dedicated individual projects for investments

For business partners, we offer access to the B2B platform, EDI integration, product files, 24h updated inventory and additional materials

Take advantage of our know-how and start cooperation on a white label basis. We provide stability, flexibility, speed of implementation, professional terms of cooperation

Cooperation with Architects is not only an attractive commercial offer, it is also 3D models, catalogs, samples, support in the selection of lighting and training

Are you furnishing a hotel, restaurant? You need sample products, solutions to match the style. We have them or we will make them specially for your investment

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Are you looking for light individually, for projects, for your clients? Dreaming of beautiful lamps for home interiors, public spaces? Our Team of Light Experts  is for you. Check out our lamps!

We employ over 40 people
Each month we make an average of 10,000 lamps
We have more than 1,000 models
From concept to completion in 2 weeks
We are lighting up more than Europe

Learn about the Case Studies

Every day we brighten up more interiors. We do this together with our Partners from Poland and Europe – Interior Designers, Stationary and Online Shops. See how others see working with Argon.

Learn about the Case Studies
Komfort began working with Argon in 2019. It was one of the first suppliers of decorative lighting to the Komfort store chain.
Komfort, chain of home furnishing stores in Poland
As editors of Czas na Wnętrze magazine, we often choose Argon brand lamps for publication in our issues.
Czas na wnętrze, interior magazine
We have worked together with ARGON on a number of public space lighting projects.
RIDI, business partner
Lamps from Argon's offer illuminate the interiors of 70 seaside apartments Marina Royale in Darłówek!
Marina Royale Darłówko, Inwestor
We are a company operating on the Polish market for more than 30 years. We cooperate with both foreign and Polish manufacturers.
5plus, Lighting shop
I have been working with Argon for several years. I have mainly realized individual projects for private investors.
Agata Moderska, Interior Designer
I would like to recommend the Argon company, with which I had the pleasure of working during the equipping of the Novy Szczyrk Apartments facility, in Szczyrk in 2021.
Novy Szczyrk apartamenty, Inwestor
Argon company is a reliable and credible partner, which we have found out repeatedly by implementing various types of investments
APInterior, specialty lighting store
Working with Argon has been an invaluable experience for us as a renowned design and contracting firm specializing in 5-star hotels and upscale restaurants around the world.

    Frequently asked questions

    Where are Argon's lamps manufactured? Arrow
    Both our office, showroom, warehouses and production department are located in Starcza near Czestochowa. We produce lamps in Poland at our headquarters, i.e. complete metalworking, metalworking, turning, bending, threading, welding, grinding, assembling, packaging, are done in-house, while glass lampshades are the work of our Polish metallurgists, it is largely handmade glass, wooden elements and fabric lampshades come from our Polish cooperators. Only small electrical components and mechanisms for the busbars are imported.
    What kind of lamps does Argon make? Arrow
    The company's specialty is the production of decorative lighting for indoor use, sporadically over the years there has been a series of garden lighting. Argon's range of lamps is wide, with more than 1,000 models made of steel, aluminum, solid brass, glass, crystal glass, alabaster glass, using wooden elements or fabric (cotton, linen, satin, velour, etc.) lampshades. Also, the style of lamps is diverse, from industrial and Scandinavian motifs to richly decorated lamps in glamour, hampton or modern classic style. In addition to lamps of our own design, we also make decorative fixtures and lighting elements for our OEM/White label customers. We are able to make a wide variety of products, from small table lamps to elaborate, multi-level large chandeliers.
    What is the waiting time for Argon lamps? Arrow
    Nearly 80% of Argon's offer is in continuous rotation in stock, which means availability of products within 2-3 business days, for the remaining lamps you should usually wait from 5 to 15 business days. For large wholesale or investment orders, the waiting time can extend to 20-25 business days. In the case of orders of custom lamps, according to the customer's design, the waiting time is determined individually and depends on the complexity of the project.
    Can I modify individual pieces of Argon lamps, for example, changing the color of the cable or lengthening/shortening the lamp? Arrow
    Lighting manufactory is not a slogan, but our daily life and commitment to customers. Each piece is the work of people, with the support of technology and machinery, but there is still a man behind each lamp. Therefore, as much as possible at the request of the customer, we are able to modify the lamp for specific requirements. It can be the extension of the cable, changing the color of the paint, changing the size of the metal elements, such as soffits, trim, making cascading chandeliers based on the products in the offer, installing additional switches, or dividing the light into two sections. Options for modifications in Argon are numerous. We price each such modification individually.
    I'm decorating a restaurant, how can you help me in choosing lighting? Arrow
    Argon's range of more than 1,000 lamps allows you to find lamps to match the diverse nature of your interior. Looking for lighting for a modern restaurant, as well as one intended to give a touch of romance or nostalgia, you are sure to find lamps for your project. Argon's sales team will be happy to advise you on the choice of lamps, hinting at the location and type of fixtures, as well as the light source and practicality of a given fixture. If the help of our salespeople is not enough, we will be happy to put you in touch with an experienced lighting designer and at the consultation you will determine the details of the design of lamps for your interior.
    I want to produce lamps according to my own design, will you help me? Arrow
    We are ready to cooperate with Designers, furniture companies and all other Partners who are looking for a lighting manufacturer with advanced know-how and constantly developing machinery. We are engaged in the design and production of lighting from the idea to the realization of series production. We will help you and your company, both when it comes to the design of 2-3 fixtures and long-term production of hundreds of lamps.
    I would like to become a distributor of Argon lamps - what do I need to do? Arrow
    Talk to us! We are open to trade partners from all over the world. Argon products are CE and UK CA certified, and we can also customize our lamps to meet the requirements of local markets. After contacting us by email or phone, getting acquainted with you and your needs - we will present business terms, and after signing a distribution agreement, we will provide the necessary materials and start joint sales. If you are interested in permanent cooperation with a lighting manufacturer, we encourage you to contact us. On working days from 8 to 15 we will respond within an hour to any e-mail or phone call.
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