About us

100% from Poland
ARGON is a family company from Częstochowa, south Poland. We have been creating lamps for everyone for 20 years. Production takes place in our own workshop, we also cooperate with local subcontractors. The owner of the company is responsible for the lamp designs. This makes ARGON lamps fully our product that we can endorse.

It is not simply about making good quality single models. The trick is to provide thousands of lamps at good prices while maintaining high quality. ARGON means such lamps, lamps for everyone, reasonably priced, and at the same time made of the best quality materials, with attention to detail and modern technical solutions.

A wide range of products
We understand the slogan ”light for everyone” as the adaptation of our product to different needs. We offer products made of metal, wood, glass, and even crystal or unique mellow materials. These are lamps in a modern, glamour, classic and loft style. Products for living room, kitchen, bathroom or garden, as well as public spaces.

Light is our passion
For 20 years, thousands of clients and hundreds of partners have trusted us. This trust is the result of our commitment and our heart put into the products we create. We do what we know best, we produce lamps to illuminate interiors and make them brighter and more beautiful.