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Furnishing a full-service hotel, dental office, hair salon or other commercial space?
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We supply a wide range of decorative lamps for retail customers, wholesale customers, manufacture OEM lamps, cooperate with Architects and Investment customers.
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Trust a company that has been passionately creating lamps for customers all over Europe for nearly 30 years. We offer decorative lamps for Wholesale Customers, Retail Customers. In our range of possibilities is also cooperation on the basis of production of OEM lamps. We invite Architects and Investment Customers to illuminate interiors together with us. ARGON is a selection of more than 1000 lamps in various styles, made of solid materials such as glass, metal, wood. These are timeless products both in terms of design and quality of workmanship. We also make modifications to the customer’s liking, even for a single piece of lamp. We are also open to the realization of individual projects.


Investment solutions
  • Are you designing an office?
  • Are you furnishing a hotel?

You know very well that employees need to feel safe and comfortable in this space. Choosing the right lighting fixtures will minimize fatigue, increase concentration, and be a nice decoration. For us, it is important that the fixtures are not only designer, but also perform their key functions.

Are you building a hotel? Do you need a lot of lighting for an office, restaurant or hotel? Or are you equipping a law office or a dental or beauty salon? Over the years we have done lighting projects for both large catering establishments, hotels, beauty salons and elegant offices. We will be happy to share our knowledge, production capabilities and present lamps tailor-made for your business.

Over 1000 lamp models

with catalog, technical drawings, 3D models
Lampy Argon

A head doesn’t hurt from too much! The large selection certainly allows us to maintain diversity, so we can offer lamps in different styles and with different applications. To make it easier to access these products on our site you will find lamps divided into different categories, but also collections. You can download a catalog or request a paper version. For each lamp we also have a set of technical data like dimensions or the light source used, one click separates you from downloading the technical drawing. For interior designers there are also 3D models for most of our products. We also always offer advice and support. The range of lamps for your investment ranges from pendant lamps or wall lamps to decorative table lamps and designer technical lighting on rails.

Reach for lamps tailored to the interior design and its specifics, and we will be happy to help you with this.

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Professional advice and complete after-sales service
In many cases, product advice ends at the purchasing stage. And sometimes, when the products are imported it is difficult for the representatives to say something more about the lamp than they will find in the table. We are lighting experts. Argon lamps are manufactured at our site in a factory near Częstochowa. Even if our Sales Department is surprised by a question, after a while they will consult it with the Head of Production, Technologist, Logistics Department or even the creator of a given lamp model. We have a lot of knowledge in the field of lighting, so that you do not have to become an expert for the duration of one project. We advise and support you on our luminaires, even after purchase. If you need spare parts, happen to need to refresh the lamp, we are always there for you, both during and after the warranty period.
Full documentation and trade secret guarantee
In order for lamps to hang in public spaces, they must meet the appropriate standards. You need bathroom fixtures - lamps with IP44 we will deliver. You want to be sure that lampshades will not be easily flammable, and that the wooden elements come from a legal source - each of our lamps has all the documentation and certification that its specifications require. Need additional data, solutions under your foreign investment? We will obtain them for the lamps of your choice. All investment orders are covered by the guarantee of commercial secrecy and confidentiality. We care about both the satisfaction of our Partners and their right to privacy. Although we will be extremely pleased to boast about the results of our cooperation and a given realization, if you give us permission to do so. Check out our latest realizations on Instagram!
Tailor-made lamp designs - we will create lamps for your hotel or other project
Standing out, individuality, personalization - these qualities are insanely important in modern spaces. We know that places like hotels are meant to create unique experiences, offices need support in building a consistent brand identity. It all starts with interior design. Add something to the interior that makes it unique. Add tailor-made lamps to your investment. Take advantage of our designs and during the consultation with us set modifications for your interiors. Present us with your idea, the proposal of your Architects, and we will create a solution sewn under the specific interior. One-of-a-kind lamps, lamps reserved for a particular project, lamps that we can produce for you constantly with the development of your business and, for example, opening more points of the cafe chain.
Quick lead times
Are you looking for lamps available at short notice? Many models from our standard product range are available from stock. Lamps available in stock we are able to send within 48h not only to any place in Poland, but also in a little longer time to different corners of Europe. However, we are talking about single pieces, but what if it is an investment counted in hundreds of lamps, in addition to products created on special request? Thanks to the fact that Argon is a family company, a company based on local suppliers, we are able to complete most projects in 3-4 weeks at most. If you decide to cooperate with us at any stage, you will have constant contact with our Sales Team, from free consultation to product delivery and further after-sales support.
Take advantage of the experts' knowledge
Buying lighting for interiors raises many questions. Do the lamps in question give a lot of light? How do you replace the bulbs in the lamps? How long will the LED modules last? Are the given lamps suitable for bathrooms? Will the lamps be suitable for a hotel room for families with children? You don't need to know the answers to these and many other questions. Get help from our experts, let us walk you through the process of selecting lamps for your investment together. We are able to support you and your business at every stage of lighting selection from conception to installation and further operation.