Meet us <span>and our capabilities</span>
Meet us and our capabilities
Argon Lamps - is a family-owned lighting manufactory. We produce a variety of decorative lamps for retail and wholesale customers, we also manufacture lamps and lighting components for our OEM/White Label Partners, we work with Architects and investment clients.
Our permanent production is a selection of more than 1,000 lamps in various styles, made of solid materials such as glass, including crystal glass, steel, aluminum and wood. We focus on timeless solutions in our designs, both in terms of design and quality of workmanship.
We also make modifications to the customer's liking, even for a single piece. We carry out individual projects, especially for hotels, offices, restaurants, apartments, or religious buildings.
Trust a company that has been passionately creating lamps for customers all over Europe for nearly 30 years.
What do we do?

Argon was established in 1997. Zdzislaw Tomzik and his first employees began to create first components for lamps, and a while later whole lamps, expanding his manufactory. Today it’s a company that employs more than 40 people, with an even wider range of local Subcontractors (e.g. plating processes, glassworks, wood suppliers, etc.).

A family-owned manufactory, it is also the second generation, the founder’s daughter Paulina Tomzik-Okopien today is responsible for sales and product development. What we are also happy about is the locality of the company, despite its European reach. Our production plant is located in Starcza near Częstochowa, and among the Employees are also our Neighbors.

We are committed to continuous development – expansion of machinery, digitalization, new environmental initiatives and human resources. This would not be possible without our customers and partners.

At the core of the production of lamps in ARGON is largely the work of human hands, necessary to achieve the satisfactory results of solidity and quality of workmanship. For us, production is a craft that, although supported by modern technologies, without the work of a team of experienced Employees our lamps would never take the right shape.

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How is the lamp made?

The manufacturing process of lamps is a multi-step process. At Argon, the creation of a luminaire is the responsibility of the locksmith shop, grinding shop, paint shop, assembly, and finally the packaging department, warehouse. The sales department, on the other hand, which we call the Team of Light Advisors, is responsible for contact with the customer. In addition, we use external services such as glass factories, powder paint shops, chrome plating, electroplating, and suppliers of components such as fixtures and electrical wires. Most (about 90%) of these components are made in Poland. Our machine park includes modern CNC machine tools, lathes, milling machines, welding machines, welding machines, notching machines, threading machines, grinding machines, bending machines, drilling machines, rolling machines and many others.

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Are you an Architect?

Are you an Architect and want to propose Argon lamps to your clients? We are able to help you. Contact us, reach for a set of 3D models, a set of catalogs, samples, technical documentation. Take part in our webinars and on-site trainings. Also learn about the favorable system of cooperation.

Are you the owner of a store?

Are you looking to increase sales in your online or stationary store? Adding Argon lamps to your assortment is a chance for long-term cooperation with a reliable partner. Transparent partner program (discounts and much more), a set of product files, graphic materials and openness to customer’s ideas – this is what you can always count on when reaching out to Argon lamps.

Looking for lamps for your building?

Are you building a hotel? Do you need a lot of lighting for your office, apartments, restaurant or hotel? Or are you equipping a law office or a dental or beauty salon? Over the years we have done lighting projects for both large catering establishments, hotels, beauty salons and elegant offices. We will be happy to share our knowledge, production capabilities and present lamps tailor-made for your business.

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How quickly do we deliver the lamps?

The most popular products are available in 48h straight from our warehouse, for the rest you usually have to wait from 5 to 15 working days. We are also open to modification of our lamps (changing the length of the cable, color of raw materials, other elements and much more). In this case, the lead time usually also does not exceed 15 working days. Custom-made lamps, wholesale investment orders are produced after agreeing on a common schedule – but we can assure you that these times are attractive and should not exceed a month.

Our company assumes a holiday production break in the first two weeks of July

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What can we do?
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Personalization, variety, the ability to adjust the lamp to one’s own style – these are very important needs of customers and their interiors. Unattainable with mass production. As a lighting manufactory, in addition located in Poland, we are able to quickly, without compromising on quality, prepare a modification of lamps from our portfolio or realize an individual project. For years, we have also acted as an OEM partner, making lamps for several internationally renowned brands. Whether you are an individual customer and want to lengthen the lamp, an Architect and want to match the color of the paint to the rest of the arrangement, or a Business Partner who needs 10 models of lamps exclusive to your distribution – we will be happy to take on the subject and make sure to illuminate more interiors.

When you reach for a lamp made by Argon, you know that:

We used good and proven raw materials to make it
The lamp is powder-coated or wet-coated - all with approved varnishes
The glass comes from Polish glassworks and is often hand-blown
Wooden elements come from a legal source and are certified
Soft-touch fabrics are also approved and not flammable
Lamps have CE, UKCA certificate of conformity (allowing them to be sold in the EU and UK) and are properly tested
Based on the latest trends and timeless design, each lamp is an original design by Zdzislaw Tomzik - the founder and owner of the company
Products are made in a Polish family-owned company that cares about craftsmanship, the local community and the standards of work and its safety
We produce lamps responsibly, you when you buy lamps get a product that pleases the eyes and will last for years.
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Sustainable development

Our main goal is to produce lighting fixtures for years to come. Solid steel, high-quality components and timeless design, as well as a replaceable light source – these features are meant to guarantee the use of the lamps for years. Argon lamps are also recyclable, and we are supported in this by Biosystem. In 2022, we installed a 20 KW photovoltaic farm next to our company with plans for expansion. We rely on ecological forms of packaging wherever possible and are constantly looking for new ecological solutions.

You will also find second-hand Argon lamps on popular websites. We believe that this is also a proof of our reliability, but also an opportunity for further use of the lamps. We count on Argon lamps to be a light for decades for all who reach for them.